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My little sister means the world to me. She forces me to sit down whilst she paints my nails with her favorite colors, pink and purple. She asks me to sit outside and have a picnic with her. She watches me reblog on here and talk to my girlfriend most days, she asked me today to post a gif of us both so I did. She’s possibly the most bossy, annoying, noisy little sister you could have, but she’s amazing, in so many ways and beautiful, she’s almost 4 years old now, and is fighting leukemia. She’s becoming weak, so weak she is unable to go outside and have a picnic, or even paint nails. She’s still smiling though and laughing, like any other 3 year old. She’s going into hospital next week for treatment, if you could all pray for her, it would mean a lot to me, her and my family. She’s the best little sister you could really ask for.

This is powerfully heartbreaking